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ZIG Clean Color Marker 80pc
  • SKU: KUR_RB600080

ZIG Clean Color Marker 80pc

$200.97 $334.99

ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Marker Set of 80

Kuretake Clean Color Real Brushes have actual hair brush tips in a disposable form that will give you clean, water-based color on the go. The colors can be blended like watercolors in a palette when used with a water brush.

Colors included in this set are: Light Pink, Tea Rose, Light Carmine, Pink, Dark Pink, Peach Pink, Pink Flamingo, Pale Rose, Deep Red, Wine Red, Geranium Red, Red, Carmine Red, Scarlet Red, Orange, Orange, Bright Yellow, Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Yellow Green, Green Shadow, Pale Green, Fluorescent Green, Light Green, May Green, Mid Green, Olive Green, Marine Green, Deep Green, Green, Turquoise Green, Emerald Green, Persian Green, Peacock Blue, Deep Blue, Blue, Persian Blue, Dull Blue, Cobalt Blue, Corn Flour Blue, Light Blue, Shadow Mauve, Haze Blue, English Lavender, Light Violet, Lilac, Violet, Purple, Deep Violet, Deep Brown, Dark Brown, Mid Brown, Dark Oatmeal, Brick Beige, Pale Dawn Gray, Mustard, Beige, Light Brown, Ochre, Oatmeal, Black, Mid Gray, Green Gray, Gray Brown, Dark Gray, Natural Gray, Gray, Blue Gray, Light Gray, Cool Gray 1, Pale Gray, Gray Tint, Brown, Blush, Flesh.

• Set includes 80 colors
• Water-based dye, odourless, xylene free
• Easy to create both narrow and wide lines!
• Create watercolour style effects with water brush pen!
• ZIG Clean Color Real Brush is perfect for quick illustrating, sketching, designing and cartooning.



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