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COPIC Wide Marker Single

Fast, Faster, COPIC WIDE. COPIC Wide's main feature is its extreme wide nib of 21mm. Available in 36 colors it is the first choice for generous but even color fields. 

Due to Copic policies, Copic Markers will only be shipped within the United States and Canada, excluding the island of Oahu.

Disclaimer: The picture is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and on different surfaces. Color swatch is provided by the manufacturer and at the time the final color shades may vary.

Please Click on Color/Style image to preview color swatch.

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WIDEEMPTY COPIC Wide Empty Marker No Ink In Stock $7.99 $5.85
B32-W COPIC Wide Marker B32 Pale Blue In Stock $8.99 $6.49
BG10-W COPIC Wide Marker BG10 Cool Shadow In Stock $8.99 $6.49
C1-W COPIC Wide Marker C1 Cool Gray No. 1 In Stock $8.99 $6.49
C9-W COPIC Wide Marker C9 Cool Gray No. 9 Out of Stock $8.99 $6.49
E04-W COPIC Wide Marker E04 Lipstick Natural In Stock $8.99 $6.49
E33-W COPIC Wide Marker E33 Sand In Stock $8.99 $6.49
G21-W COPIC Wide Marker G21 Lime Green In Stock $8.99 $6.49
R02-W COPIC Wide Marker R02 Flesh Out of Stock $8.99 $6.49
V17-W COPIC Wide Marker V17 Amethyst Out of Stock $8.99 $6.49
W7-W COPIC Wide Marker W7 Warm Gray 7 Out of Stock $8.99 $6.49
W9-W COPIC Wide Marker W9 Warm Gray 9 In Stock $8.99 $6.49
Y15-W COPIC Wide Marker Y15 Cadmium Yellow In Stock $8.99 $6.49
Y26-W COPIC Wide Marker Y26 Mustard In Stock $8.99 $6.49
YG03-W COPIC Wide Marker YG03 Yellow Green In Stock $8.99 $6.49