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Memento Ink Pad

Memento dye ink is fast drying and fade resistant. The innovative pad delivers finer impressions and exceptionally even coverage. Available in 24 wonderfully fresh colors. 

This fade resistant dye ink captures even your most intricate images. Stamped impressions once dried are water resistant and will not migrate. Dries on all paper surfaces including coated and textured papers. Fast drying on most papers. Innovate pad results in finer impressions and exceptionally even ink coverage which is perfect for finely detailed and solid images. Water based, archival, and acid free. 
Memento dye ink is fast drying and fade resistant. The innovative pad delivers finer impressions and exceptionally even coverage. Available in 36 wonderfully fresh colors.

Disclaimer: Picture is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and on different surfaces. Color swatch are provided by manufacturer and at time the final color shades may vary.

Please Click on Color/Style image to preview color swatch.

TSU_ME-000-404 Memento Ink Pad Angel Pink In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-601 Memento Ink Pad Bahama Blue In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-707 Memento Ink Pad Bamboo Leaves In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-103 Memento Ink Pad Cantaloupe In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-701 Memento Ink Pad Cottage Ivy In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-100 Memento Ink Pad Dandelion In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-600 Memento Ink Pad Danube Blue In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-804 Memento Ink Pad Desert Sand In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-507 Memento Ink Pad Elderberry In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-808 Memento Ink Pad Espresso In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-500 Memento Ink Pad Grape Jelly In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-902 Memento Ink Pad Gray Flannel In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-300 Memento Ink Pad Ladybug In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-501 Memento Ink Pad Lilac Posies In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-901 Memento Ink Pad London Fog In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-302 Memento Ink Pad Love Letter In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-504 Memento Ink Pad Lulu Lavender In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-607 Memento Ink Pad Nautical Blue In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-704 Memento Ink Pad New Sprout In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-708 Memento Ink Pad Olive Grove In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-608 Memento Ink Pad Paris Dusk In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-802 Memento Ink Pad Peanut Brittle In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-703 Memento Ink Pad Pear Tart In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-801 Memento Ink Pad Potter's Clay Back order $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-301 Memento Ink Pad Rhubarb Stalk In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-800 Memento Ink Pad Rich Cocoa Back order $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-400 Memento Ink Pad Rose Bud In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-604 Memento Ink Pad Summer Sky In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-506 Memento Ink Pad Sweet Plum In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-200 Memento Ink Pad Tangelo In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-602 Memento Ink Pad Teal Zeal In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-805 Memento Ink Pad Toffee Crunch In Stock $9.99 $7.45
TSU_ME-000-900 Memento Ink Pad Tuxedo Black In Stock $9.99 $7.45