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Shadows Shading Book Beginner
Shadows Shading Book Beginner

Shadows Shading Book Beginner

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Shadows & Shading Book: A beginner's guide to lighting placement

This instructive guide takes beginners through the fundamentals of shading and shadow placement when coloring. Includes transparent lighting templates.

The principles covered in Shadows & Shading will help you bring your art to life. Included in the guide are instructional topics such as seeing the basic shapes in complex objects, understanding highlights, identifying the color in shadows, and more.

Clear, easy to follow explanations make it simple to learn the basic rules of light and shading. Following the principles in this guide, you will learn how to add depth and dimension to your pieces. Included are four transparent lighting templates, to help apply the concepts learned to your own work.

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• This publication presents in great detail COPIC sketch techniques.
• By Marianne Walker


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