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COPIC Ink E30 Bisque
COPIC Ink E30 Bisque
COPIC Ink E30 Bisque
COPIC Ink E30 Bisque
COPIC Ink E30 Bisque
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COPIC Ink E30 Bisque

$5.39 $5.99

Arriving 07/30/20

COPIC Ink 2020 - E30 Bisque

Replenishing ink that can be used repeatedly by replenishing the ink. The pen-type shape makes it easy to put in a Copic wallet and can be easily carried. It can also be used to create works that directly use ink, such as ink art.

Easy to see ink volume. A highly transparent material is used for the container to improve the visibility of the ink amount.

Speedy ink replenishment. To ensure smooth and speedy ink replenishment, we have adopted a nozzle that is long enough to reach the inside of the pen.

Cap color close to the fill color. The color of the color mark (cap) was adjusted to be as close as possible to the color that was actually painted.

  • Alcohol dye ink

  • Available in 358 colors
  • Internal capacity is 12 ml
  • Body specifications: Length/about 140mm, Diameter/about ?15mm, Weight/about 20g

  • Replenishment amount: Sketch: About 1.8ml (about 7 times), Ciao: About 1.4 ml per time (about 9 times), Classic: About 2.5 ml per time (about 5 times) , Wide: about 3.4 ml per time (about 3.5 times)


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