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Wide has a super wide 21 mm nib, which is equal to the width of 3 broad nibs on the standard COPIC marker. The nib is quite stiff yet guarantees smooth application of colour. The sharp edges allow a precise positioning of the marker and a neat application for backgrounds. A notch at the end of the nib helps the refilling with the identical Various Ink.

                Marker Features:

                     - Guaranteed 3 Year Shelf Life

                     - 214 Colors

                    - Alcohol-based ink dries Acid Free

                    - Guaranteed Color Consistency

                    - Optional Replaceable Nibs

                    - 3/4 inch stroke

                    - Blending Markers Available

                    - Great for Color Layering & Mixing

                    - Permanent and Non-toxic

                    - Photocopy Safe

                    - Great for Comics, Scrapbooking and Crafts