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Original is a high quality illustrating tools, used for decades by professionals around the world. They are preferred for Architectural design, product rendering, and other forms of Industrial design. They are also popular among the hobby industry for use with models, ceramics, calligraphy, airbrushing, cardmaking, scrapbooking, graphic art needs, and similar projects. The broad nib offers smooth, consistent coverage for larger areas, while the fine nib allows for finer, detail work. Stampers and scrapbooker are in love with Copic Original due to it fine nib which works great under pressure! No Splaying!

These are professional grade markers. The best quality available. Although they are refillable, some card makers and scrapbookers go more than 4 years without having them dry out!

                Marker Features:

                     - Guaranteed 3 Year Shelf Life

                     - Airbrush System Compatible

                    - 214 Colors

                    - Guaranteed Color Consistency

                    - Refillable

                    - Optional Replaceable Nibs

                    - Features Medium-Broad, and Fine nibs

                    - Great for Comics, Scrapbooking and Crafts

                    - Permanent and Non-toxic

                    - Photocopy Safe

                    - Square body profile is roll resistant on working surfaces

                    - Electronic production guarantees consistency of both color and output