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Ciao (pronounced "chow") are a great introduction to the Copic line. The Ciao marker is the economical choice for the beginner marker user or where a limited color range is needed. The Ciao marker has the exact same features as the Sketch but in a small package and without the airbrush capability. The Ciao marker is also refillable and has replaceable nibs. They are very popular in Japan, and are great for scrapbooking, stamping, and comics.


                Marker Features:

                     - Guaranteed 3 Year Shelf Life

                    - 180 Colors

                    - Guaranteed Color Consistency

                    - Refillable

                    - Optional Replaceable Nibs

                    - Features Medium-Broad, and Super Brush nib

                    - Great for Comics, Scrapbooking and Crafts

                    - Permanent and Non-toxic

                    - Photocopy Safe

                    - Permanent and Non-toxic

                    - Alcohol-based ink dries Acid Free

                    - Fine Tip allows for detailed work