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TOUCH Twin Marker 60pc B
TOUCH Twin Marker 60pc B
  • SKU: SHA_T1106031

TOUCH Twin Marker 60pc B

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TOUCH Twin Marker 60pc B

ShinHan Arts new TOUCH TWIN marker offers 204 brilliant colors ideal for a diverse range of uses, from animation to illustration, architectural renderings to interior design sketches. With a fine point nib on one side and the broad chisel nib on the other, new TOUCH TWIN marker offers a greater range of line thicknesses for all kinds of marks. The new TOUCH TWIN marker with improved control of ink flow ensures professionals can design and sketch with accuracy and detail. The ergonomically designed rectangular marker is roll resistant on work surfaces and provides a perfect grip that avoids smudges and smears. A specially designed safety cap stacks neatly and prevents damage to the nibs.



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