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Various Ink Refill refill bottles are the "gas stations" of the COPIC marker system. One single bottle refills a sketch marker at least eight times, a ciao marker twelve times and the super large WIDE marker five times. This amazing perfor-mance makes COPIC the most economical marker system worldwide. With 214 shades of VARIOUS INK available, the possibilities of creating or "inventing" your own colours are endless (for this, there are empty VARIOUS INK bottles). And here's more: with VARIOUS INK and ink absorbers stripe-free backgrounds can be drawn in as many colours as you wish.

                Marker Features:

                     - Guaranteed 3 Year Shelf Life

                     - 358 Colors (Includes over 40 Gray Tones)

                    - Alcohol-based ink

                    - Guaranteed Color Consistency

                    - Custom Mix your Colors

                    - Bottle Recycles (#2 plastic)

                    - Permanent, Non-toxic, and Dries Acid Free

                    - Universal for Copic Markers

                    - Measures Marked on Bottle

                    - Angled Tip for Easy Application

                    - Photocopy Safe (Won't Dissolve Toner)

                    - Cleans up with Rubbing Alcohol

                    - Empty Bottles Available