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COPIC Catalog 2015     


Copic Markers are an alcohol based, refillable marker originally created for Art and Design Professionals and Enthusiasts at every level of experience. The alcohol based markers are high in quality, offering a guarantee on color consistency and quality with a 3 year shelf life. Copic Markers are versatile in various uses which include comics, airbrushing, scrapbooking and crafts. Refillable ink cartridges and nibs allow for cost efficiency and contribution to the reduction of waste, making Copic Markers a smart and green choice.


Copic Ciao

Copic Original

Copic Sketch

Copic Wide

Copic Various Ink

Copic Airbrush

Copic Glitter (AtYou Spica)

Copic Multiliner Pens

Copic FAQs

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