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SAI Watercolor Brush

SAI has preserved the very essence of applying both line and color. With the feel of fine calligraphy pens SAI brush pens allow you to move effortlessly between bold and fine lines. With the brush tip dipped in water or with a moistened paper, you can create gently spreading and shading effects. SAI works wonderfully with pencils or water-resistant pens to unleash endless expression possibilities. There are 20 beautiful individual brush ink colors available. A special pigment ink waterproof outline brush is also available for drawing purposes. Similar to other watercolors, the SAI brush colors other than Black are not light resistant. Colors will fade if kept in sunny areas. These brushes are perfect for journaling or painting artwork for indoors.

Disclaimer: Picture is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and on different surfaces. Color swatch are provided by manufacturer and at time the final color shades may vary.

Please Click on Color/Style image to preview color swatch.

AKA_CA20018 SAI Watercolor Brush Pen Burnt Umber In Stock $3.99 $2.37
AKA_CA20020 SAI Watercolor Brush Pen Navy Blue In Stock $3.99 $2.37
AKA_CA20008 SAI Watercolor Brush Pen Purple In Stock $3.99 $2.37
AKA_CA20009 SAI Watercolor Brush Pen Yellow Ochre In Stock $3.99 $1.97