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NUVO Powders

Disclaimer: The picture is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and on different surfaces. Color swatch is provided by the manufacturer and at time the final color shades may vary.

Please Click on Color/Style image to preview color swatch.

TSD_NEP613 Nuvo Embossing Powder Copper Blush Out of Stock $5.99 $3.24
TSD_NEP614 Nuvo Embossing Powder Crushed Mulberry In Stock $5.99 $3.24
TSD_NEP615 Nuvo Embossing Powder Duchess Blue In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEPFD582 Nuvo Embossing Powder Fine Detail Copper Blush Out of Stock $6.99 $3.80
TSD_NEPFD586 Nuvo Embossing Powder Fine Detail Crystal Clear Back order $6.99 $5.95
TSD_NEP595 Nuvo Embossing Powder Ocean Sparkle In Stock $5.99 $3.24
TSD_NEP591 Nuvo Embossing Powder Pearl Lustre In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEP622 Nuvo Embossing Powder Pearled Pistachio Pre-order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEP593 Nuvo Embossing Powder Shimmer Seas Pre-order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEP621 Nuvo Embossing Powder Snow Crystal Pre-order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEP619 Nuvo Embossing Powder Sportscar Red Back order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEP620 Nuvo Embossing Powder Strawberry Slush Pre-order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NEP616 Nuvo Embossing Powder Turquoise Lagoon In Stock $4.99 $2.97
TSD_NEP592 Nuvo Embossing Powder Twinkling Tinsel Pre-order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1213 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Atlantis Burst Back order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1208 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Blue Blitz Back order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1215 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Catherine Wheel Back order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1209 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Cherry Bomb In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1222 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Fountain Of Jade In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1218 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Golden Sparkler In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1214 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Green Parade In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1216 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Lilac Waterfall Back order $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1219 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Meteorite Shower In Stock $4.99 $4.25
TSD_NSP1211 Nuvo Shimmer Powder Storm Cloud In Stock $4.99