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Graphik Line Painter Pen

Graphik Line Painter pen are available in a dazzling array of colors, and are appreciated by fine artists and crafters alike for good reason. These pens allow you to flick & splatter for dramatic effects, dribbles & washes for an aged effect, and fine lines for detail work. Graphik Line Painter pen works like watercolor but dries like acrylic perfect for layering and adding dimension to any artwork. The permanent waterbased ink is solvent-free. These painter pens issue fluid, opaque pigment ink from a 0.5 mm Japanese nib, offering an immense depth of color, even on dark backgrounds.

Disclaimer: Picture is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and on different surfaces. Color swatch are provided by manufacturer and at time the final color shades may vary.

Please Click on Color/Style image to preview color swatch.

DER_2302230 Graphik Line Painter 5pc Palette 1 In Stock $26.99 $17.57
DER_2302231 Graphik Line Painter 5pc Palette 2 In Stock $26.99 $17.57
DER_2302210 Graphik Line Painter Pen 01 Brick Road In Stock $5.99 $3.87
DER_2302212 Graphik Line Painter Pen 03 Tom In Stock $5.99 $3.87
DER_2302213 Graphik Line Painter Pen 04 Herring In Stock $5.99 $3.87
DER_2302217 Graphik Line Painter Pen 08 Brilliant Out of Stock $5.99 $4.17
DER_2302218 Graphik Line Painter Pen 09 High In Stock $5.99 $3.87
DER_2302220 Graphik Line Painter Pen 11 Paradise In Stock $5.99 $3.87
DER_2302224 Graphik Line Painter Pen 15 Bricklane In Stock $5.99 $3.87