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Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System
  • SKU: SPL_BP001

Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System


Spellbinders BetterPress Letterpress System
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This innovative and effortless system allows you to create projects with the enduring elegance of letterpress design, without the complicated setup or mess. You'll be creating rich, stunning stationery and cards that are sure to impress. The press plate designs are both timeless and on-trend, including graphic sentiments with a nod to vintage printing as well as floral bouquets that are perfect for shading with pencil or watercolor.

The combination of high-quality cotton card panels, specifically formulated ink and detailed imprinting of BetterPress plates ensures that your projects will be irresistibly touchable, with luxury you can both feel and see. Experience the refinement of letterpress in your home with Spellbinders BetterPress.

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