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Inking Pen Questions

Q: What are Multiliners?

Multiliner is the name for Copic inking pens. Multi-liner refers to the many line widths Copic inking pens are available in.

Q: What’s the difference between inking pens?

Regular Multiliners are disposable and come in 9 sizes. Multiliner SP pens are refillable with replaceable tips and are available in 10 sizes. These have similar inks.

F01 Drawing pens are a disposable fountain pen. These are not waterproof, and are only available in one size.

Q: Are the multiliners Archival & Acid Free?

Yes. They are water based pigment pens that will not fade or harm your papers.

Q: Are they waterproof?

Multiliners and Multiliner SP pens are waterproof on most papers. Test them before using them on coated or glossy papers. F01 Drawing pens are not guaranteed waterproof.

Q: What does Copic-Proof mean?

Multiliners will not bleed when you color over them with Copic Markers if the pen line has dried completely. Test the line before coloring over them on coated or glossy papers.

Q: What’s the shelf-life?

Multiliners have a guaranteed 3 year shelf life if the cap is securely on the pen.

Q: What is the closest marker color to a multiliner?

Multiliner ink is a slightly warm black, so a W10 is very close, though it’s not quite dark enough.