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Altenew 2pc Paint & Stamp Flowers
Altenew 2pc Paint & Stamp Flowers
Altenew 2pc Paint & Stamp Flowers
  • SKU: kit_ALT_BNDL_8917_8918

Altenew 2pc Paint & Stamp Flowers

$21.28 $24.99

Altenew 2pc Paint & Stamp Flowers

Marvelous Montly March 2024 Release
• 2024 Release
• Includes in this bundle: Paint & Stamp Flowers Stamps + Paint & Stamp Flowers Dies

Introducing Altenew's Stamp & Paint Series! Prepare to embark on a captivating artistic journey with our revolutionary new collection that merges the worlds of painting and stamping. These products are designed for beginner to advanced painters, enabling them to practice simple brushstrokes and transform them into flowers, leaves, butterflies, and more using stamps. The insert includes step-by-step inspiration; however, we encourage crafters to unleash their creativity and imagination. Through this series, they will develop their freehand painting skills and bring their artwork to life with stamped accents. Dive into a realm of boundless creativity where simple brushstrokes transform into instant artwork!



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