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What Are Illustration Markers?

on July 15, 2023

Illustration markers, to those unfamiliar, might appear as simple drawing tools. But any artist, professional or hobbyist, knows that they're so much more than that. 

As markers continue to evolve, they are not just for kids anymore; they have made their way into the professional art world and have become a staple in creating stunning illustrations.

Questions that our readers often ask include: What are illustration markers? How are they different from regular markers? What makes them so special? And most importantly, which ones are the best to buy? 

In this blog post, we will discuss these questions and more. We will also review two popular illustration markers available at Markerpop.com: COPIC Ciao Marker 12pc Illustration and COPIC Sketch 24pc Manga Illustrations.

Copic Sketch singles

What Are Illustration Markers?

Illustration markers, as the name suggests, are markers specifically designed for illustrative purposes. Unlike regular markers that lay flat colors, illustration markers offer superior blending capabilities, extensive color ranges, and various tip options - enabling artists to create intricate details, stunning color gradients, and textures.

Why Use Illustration Markers?

Illustration markers provide professional-quality color and precision that regular markers can't compete with. They offer seamless blending, excellent color payoff, and are usually alcohol-based, which allows for smooth application and consistency.

Reviews: COPIC Ciao Marker 12pc Illustration and COPIC Sketch 24pc Manga Illustrations

Now let's discuss the reviews of the two top-notch illustration markers that we proudly offer on Markerpop.com.

COPIC Ciao Marker 12pc Illustration

The COPIC Ciao markers are an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. This set comes with 12 versatile colors, perfect for all kinds of illustrations. The dual-tip design offers both broad and brush tips, which means you can easily switch between filling large areas and creating intricate details. 

One of the key features of these markers is the outstanding blending capabilities, allowing for creating smooth color gradients with ease.

COPIC Ciao Marker 12pc Illustration

Users often praise the COPIC Ciao markers for their ease of use, quality of colors, and their ability to bring illustrations to life. The main concern that arises is their price. While they are a bit of an investment, most users agree that the price is well worth the quality they provide.

COPIC Sketch 24pc Manga Illustrations

The COPIC Sketch markers are another excellent tool in any illustrator's arsenal. With 24 vibrant colors, this set is a dream come true for manga artists. The dual-tip design, featuring a brush and a chisel tip, allows artists to create a variety of strokes and details.

These markers are beloved for their wide range of colors, excellent blending capabilities, and the high-quality, refillable ink. Users have pointed out that these markers can elevate their manga illustrations to a professional level. 

COPIC Sketch 24pc Manga Illustrations

Like the COPIC Ciao markers, the COPIC Sketch markers are a bit pricey. However, users agree that the cost is justified by the markers' long life, as they can be refilled and the nibs replaced, making them a sustainable choice in the long run.


Whether you're a professional artist or someone who loves to dabble in drawing during your free time, illustration markers can be a game-changer for your artwork. They offer superior color quality, precision, and blending capabilities that regular markers can't match.

While COPIC Ciao and COPIC Sketch markers may require an initial investment, the reviews suggest they are well worth the price for the value they provide. And remember, the COPIC Ciao Marker 12pc Illustration and COPIC Sketch 24pc Manga Illustrations are available at Markerpop.com for your convenience. Enjoy your creative journey!

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