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TOUCH Twin Refills

on May 30, 2023

The TOUCH Twin Refills are specially designed for replenishing your TOUCH Twin markers. These refills come in a wide array of vibrant and unique colors, giving artists the power to keep their creativity flowing without interruption. Each refill is capable of fully recharging your marker, making them as good as new.

ShinHan : Touch Twin Alcohol Ink Marker Refills : 20 ml

The TOUCH Twin Refills are notable for their quick-drying, alcohol-based ink that ensures smooth and consistent coverage. Its formulation is designed to produce minimal odor and provide excellent, fade-resistant results on a variety of surfaces. A cost-effective solution to extend the life of your markers, the TOUCH Twin Refills help you get the most out of your art supplies.

Whether you're a professional artist, designer, or just enjoy creating art, TOUCH Twin Refills ensure that your favorite markers always stay fresh and ready to capture your vision.

People Questions:

Q: Are these refills compatible with other brands of markers?

A: While these refills are designed specifically for TOUCH Twin markers, they may be compatible with certain other brands. However, for the best results, we recommend using them with TOUCH Twin markers.

Q: How many times can I refill a TOUCH Twin marker with one bottle of refill ink?

A: The number of refills depends on the size of the marker and the amount of ink it can hold. On average, you should be able to refill a TOUCH Twin marker several times with one bottle of refill ink.

Q: Is the ink in these refills the same quality as the original ink in the TOUCH Twin markers?

A: Yes, the ink in the TOUCH Twin Refills is the same high-quality, alcohol-based ink that comes in the original TOUCH Twin markers.

Q: Are these refills easy to use?

A: Yes, using TOUCH Twin Refills is quite straightforward. However, it's recommended to use a careful approach to prevent any ink spills or stains.

Q: Are the refills available in all the same colors as the markers?

A: Yes, the TOUCH Twin Refills are available in a wide range of colors, matching the variety offered by the TOUCH Twin markers.