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TOUCH & COPIC comparison 2023

on April 28, 2023

If you are an artist, you know the importance of having the right markers for your artwork. Two popular brands of markers that are often compared are Touch and Copic. While Copic markers are well-known in the art community, Touch markers are starting to gain recognition for their quality and affordability.

In this article, we will look at customer reviews and real-life experiences to compare Touch and Copic markers.



Copic is a Japanese art supply company that specializes in alcohol-based markers used by both hobbyists and professional artists worldwide. Copic Sketch markers are one of the most popular products offered by the company, known for their super-flexible brush tip, replaceable nibs, and refillable ink.

Shinhan is a South Korean art supply company that produces various art materials, including watercolors, poster colors, and alcohol-based markers. Shinhan Touch markers are one of their flagship products, popular for their affordability, color variety, and excellent quality.


TOUCH & COPIC Comparison 2023




Copic Sketch, Alcohol-Based Markers


Available Colors
358 colors   204 colors
Color and Saturation
Amazing color saturation Pretty close to Copic quality of color
Guaranteed lightfast up to 100 years under normal conditions Optimal for projects where the image will not be exposed to direct sunlight over time
$$$$  $$$
Best For
Allows for smooth coloring on larger surfaces, such as canvas or walls May require more layering or blending to achieve a similar effect on larger surfaces.


Nib Quality

Here are the key points about the nib quality of Copic and TOUCH markers.

  • Both Copic and TOUCH markers have a replaceable nib, making them a lifetime investment.
  • Both brands offer markers with a brush, broad, and fine detail nib, providing versatility for different art styles and techniques.
  • COPIC Sketch, COPIC Ciao, and TOUCH Twin Brush markers offer the same brush and broad nib, allowing for consistent coloring and blending.
  • COPIC Original and TOUCH Twin markers offer a broad and fine detail nib, providing more precision for detailed work.
  • The replaceable nibs for both brands are easy to find and replace, making them convenient and cost-effective for artists who use them frequently.
  • Overall, the high-quality nibs of both Copic and TOUCH markers make them a reliable choice for artists and designers, whether for basic coloring or intricate details.

Copic and TOUCH markers replaceable nib

According to a customer review, the quality of the nibs is much better on the Copics than on the Touch markers. However, it is subjective, and some artists may prefer the Touch nibs over the Copic nibs.

Ink Quality and Blending

  • Both Copic and TOUCH markers are designed to be refillable, ensuring consistent ink quality throughout every refill.
  • COPIC offers 358 colors, and TOUCH offers 204, providing artists with a wide range of color options to choose from for their projects.
  • Both brands offer a Colorless Blender, allowing for easy blending of colors and creating endless color combinations.
  • TOUCH markers are priced more competitively than COPIC markers, making them a more affordable option for new and intermediate artists who want to collect more markers and explore blending.
  • COPIC markers are considered a luxury item by some due to their high-quality ink and extensive online tutorials available for artists to learn from.
  • Both brands offer high-quality ink that is fade-resistant and long-lasting, making them a reliable choice for professional artists and hobbyists alike.
  • Whether you choose COPIC or TOUCH markers, they are a great investment for any artist as they can last a lifetime with proper care.


While Copic markers are widely available in art supply stores and online, Touch markers may be harder to find. However, we want to emphasize that just because Touch markers may be more difficult to find, it doesn't mean they are any less valuable as a product. In fact, both brands are loved by artists for their unique qualities.

At MarkerPOP, we believe that the best way to determine which markers are right for you is to try them out for yourself. We encourage our customers to purchase both markers from a reputable and authorized retailer like us, in order to ensure that you receive the manufacturer's warranty and avoid purchasing replica/fake markers.

As a COPIC & TOUCH U.S. Authorized Retailer for over 10 years, MarkerPOP can assist with any questions about these brands. Contact us for concerns, questions, or feedback and we'll promptly address them.


In conclusion, while Copic markers are known for their high price point, replaceable nibs, and consistent ink quality, Touch markers are more affordable, blend well with Copics, and have a good nib configuration. Both markers are alcohol-based and perfect for blending and layering colors. 

Overall, the choice between Copic markers and Touch markers comes down to personal preference, budget, and availability. It is always a good idea to try out a few markers before investing in a large set and to do your research to find the best prices and retailers for the markers you want.