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How to Use Copic Multiliners for Finely Detailed Art

on June 06, 2023

As an artist with a deep-seated passion for intricate and detailed artwork, I have always held a deep appreciation for the tools that offer me the precision I desire without ever having to sacrifice on quality.

One such tool that has become a steadfast and reliable companion in my artistic journey is the Copic Multiliner. Their unparalleled stability and precision have time and again proven to be a remarkably significant asset in my artistic arsenal.

In this blog post, I am excited to share with you some invaluable insights on how to harness the full potential of Copic Multiliners for your artwork.

Copic Multiliner

Embracing Precision

Copic Multiliners have been ingeniously designed with an eye for precision. Their tip sizes are incredibly diverse, ranging from a minuscule 0.03 mm to a robust 1 mm.

This incredible range of tip sizes is a godsend for artists who create intricate artwork, enabling you to achieve impressively fine lines and meticulous details with utmost ease.

Personally, I've often reached out for the smaller nibs when crafting delicate line work and have extensively used the broader ones when I needed to fill in spaces or create bold, striking outlines.

Waterproof and Copic-Proof

One distinctive feature that significantly sets Copic Multiliners apart from the crowd is their high-quality ink. The ink is not just waterproof, but also Copic-proof.

This means you can fearlessly use them in conjunction with Copic markers without the slightest worry about your lines smudging or bleeding, ensuring your artwork remains pristine.

This unique feature has given me an exhilarating freedom to add minute, intricate details to my marker-based artwork without a second thought.

Consistent Ink Flow

The true joy of using Copic Multiliners lies in their remarkably consistent ink flow. I've personally found that these pens never fail to deliver a steady, uninterrupted stream of pigment.

This ensures your lines remain smooth and uniform, significantly enhancing the quality of your artwork.

Whether I'm engrossed in an extensive, detailed piece or making a quick, impromptu sketch, they have proven themselves as truly reliable tools that never disappoint.

Copic Multiliners at MarkerPop:

At MarkerPop, we proudly present a broad selection of Copic Multiliners, recognizing their unsurpassed versatility and their indispensable role in the diverse world of art.

As an artist and a dedicated member of the MarkerPop team, I can personally attest to their premium quality and exceptional durability.


Whether you are an illustrator meticulously crafting intricate designs, a comic artist bringing life to characters with your lines, or just someone who finds joy in the act of sketching, Copic Multiliners can prove to be an invaluable addition to your collection of art supplies.

I warmly invite you to explore the extensive range of Copic Multiliners available at MarkerPop, a place where quality is never compromised and authenticity is always guaranteed."