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How to stop markers from bleeding through paper

on April 12, 2023

If you are tired of bleeding markers through the paper, you have landed on the right article. We have gathered all the possible information on how to stop markers from bleeding through paper. You have to read the article till the end to know all the tips and tricks of having a clean paper on the other side.

Ink bleeding through paper means the ink has been spread out unevenly on the paper. It is so annoying when all you want is a clean and perfect finish. When we write on paper, the ink of the marker is absorbed by the paper's fibers and sometimes leaves a stain on the other side of the paper.


The reason for markers to bleed through paper could be;

1- Low-quality ink

The composition of ink plays a crucial role in whether the ink will bleed through the paper or not. There are several types of ink, but the best are pigment-based ink or an oil-based ink composition. These two types will never disappoint you.

2- Paper quality

The second most important thing is the quality of a paper. It can affect whether marks bleed through. Thinner or textured paper increases the probability of a bleeding marker through the paper. Whereas, a thick and dense paper will decrease the likelihood of bleeding through the paper.

3- Amount of ink applied

Applying too much pressure and ink in the same place might give your paper a bloody look. Additionally, allow the ink to dry completely before touching the paper or adding additional layers of ink if you're using a bleed-prone pen. This will keep the ink from spreading or bleeding through the paper.

Is there any way to stop markers from bleeding through paper?

Yes, every problem has a solution so does the markers.

How to stop alcohol markers from bleeding

Alcohol markers tend to bleed more than usual markers due to the high pigmentation and high ink concentration. Still, never mind. We have explored some ways to stop alcohol markers from bleeding. So let's get started.

l- Choose your paper wisely

Try to use high-quality paper to avoid marker bleeding through the paper. Use a paper that is specially designed for alcohol based ink markers to prevent you from any mishap of ink bleeding. The largest range of alcohol markers is provided by Copic similarly Touch also offers high quality alcohol based markers but where to use these exceptional markers?

Don’t worry we have got the solution for you if you love using alcohol based markers and worried about the bleeding paper, you should give a try to these two;

X-press paper

These two papers are acid-free, making the marker's color bright instead of fading the color.  The blending and double layering of ink can be easily done on x-press paper and curious paper without the fear of creating a mess, as they are specially designed for alcohol-based ink.

ll- Use of blotting sheets

Blotting sheets are absorbing sheets designed to absorb the excess ink or oil. These lightweight sheets are placed under the paper to prevent bleeding on the other side.

iii- Do not overdo the written

Gently write with your alcohol-based marker and try not to over-trace a word or whatsoever to avoid bleeding through the other side. Also, allow your ink to dry before putting another layer. Try to write with less pressure so that the ink will not saturate and bleed on the paper.

iv- Avoid using dark colored ink

Dark colors are more likely than lighter colors to bleed through to the other side of the paper. Using lighter colors or diluting the ink with a blending solution can aid in preventing the bleeding though to the other side.

Hence, combining these tips can help you to prevent alcohol markers from bleeding through paper while maintaining a neat and clean appearance.

How to stop pen bleeding through paper

When using pens, the best way to keep them from exploding, bleeding through paper is to be aware of what you're doing. To elaborate in simple words follow these few tricks to avoid pen bleeding through paper;

  • Keep the pen cap firmly in place (or, if the pen is retractable, retract the nib).
  • The pen can be transported horizontally or tip-up.
  • Take care not to drop or bend the pen.
  • Clean the nib of the marker with a tissue or paper towel
  • Check to Ensure the Tip Isn't Loose.
  • Let the ink dry before using the pen again
  • Store your pens properly.

Final words

To give you a quick recap of this article, preventing pen bleeding through paper necessarily requires the use of the appropriate materials and techniques.

You can create fresh, clean lines without the hustle of ink bleeding through the paper by using high-quality paper, experimenting with different types of pens, different pens with a sharp nib and fine-tuning your writing or drawing methods.

Using paper that is thicker, has a smooth surface, and is specifically designed to work with markers can help prevent ink bleeding and ensure a clean, professional result.

We hope after reading this guide, you got the answer to how to stop the markers from bleeding through paper. And by our techniques, you will be able to avoid the mess of bleeding ink on paper.