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Finding the Best Copic Marker Shades for Your Artwork

on June 02, 2023

As an experienced artist and a fervent Copic user, color selection is an essential part of my creative process. With an impressive palette of over 350 hues, Copic markers offer a world of possibilities. Join me as I delve into a fresh perspective on discovering the best Copic marker shades for your art.

Copic Alcohol Sketch Marker Set, 12 Basic Colors

Exploring Beyond Basic Shades

While the primary and basic colors are essentials in any artist's palette, the beauty of Copic markers lies in their extensive color spectrum, including myriad intermediate and unique shades. Unusual colors like YG63 (Pea Green), V91 (Pale Grape), or B32 (Pale Blue) have often provided surprising and delightful effects in my artwork.

Experimenting with Contrasts

Contrasting colors, when used thoughtfully, can bring dynamic energy to your art. One of my go-to techniques involves combining warm and cool tones. For instance, a warm E15 (Dark Suntan) combined with a cool B45 (Smoky Blue) can create an exciting contrast.

Harmonizing with Analogous Colors

Analogous colors, or colors that are adjacent on the color wheel, can create harmony in your art. In my experience, working with sets of analogous colors like YR04 (Chrome Orange), YR07 (Cadmium Orange), and YR09 (Chinese Orange) often results in a visually pleasing gradient effect.

Copic COPIC Sketch Marker - Chrome Orange

Personalizing Your Palette

Ultimately, the best Copic shades for your artwork are the ones that resonate with your personal aesthetic. I encourage you to explore and create a personalized palette. Some of my personal favorites include B99 (Agate), a deep, comforting blue, and YR27 (Tuscan Orange), a vibrant, warm hue.

Your Copic Source - MarkerPop

MarkerPop takes pride in offering a wide array of Copic markers to facilitate your artistic exploration. As a part of the MarkerPop team and an artist who personally uses these markers, I stand by the quality and authenticity of our products.


Finding the best Copic shades for your art is a delightful journey of exploration and discovery. It’s about learning the rules and then breaking them to create something uniquely yours. So, dive in, and explore the vibrant world of Copic markers at MarkerPop. Your creative journey awaits!