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Discover the Versatile World of Copic Sketch Markers

on May 07, 2023

If you're an artist, illustrator, or designer, you've probably heard of Copic Sketch markers. These refillable and ultra-blendable graphic markers are a favorite tool in the creative world, thanks to their exceptional quality and ease of use.

What are Copic Sketch markers?

Copic Sketch markers are a popular and high-quality brand of markers used by artists, illustrators, and designers worldwide. They are manufactured by the Japanese company Too Corporation and have gained a strong reputation for their performance, quality, and versatility.

Copic Sketch

These markers are alcohol-based, which allows for smooth blending and layering of colors. They are also known for their dual tips: a flexible brush tip for broader strokes and a fine point tip for more precise detailing. Copic Sketch markers are available in a wide range of colors and can be refilled with ink to ensure a long-lasting and cost-effective investment.

Due to their superior performance and range of colors, Copic Sketch markers are favored by professionals and enthusiasts alike, particularly for their ability to create seamless gradients and depth in illustrations, comics, and other forms of visual art.


Color Chart in the Industry

One of the standout features of Copic Sketch markers is their impressive range of colors. With 358 colors in the range, these markers cover the entire spectrum and offer artists a wide range of options. 

The caps of the markers feature color codes for easy navigation and to help plan the perfect blends and color schemes. This ensures that artists can achieve precise color matching and get the desired results every time.

Refillable with Copic Ink

Copic markers are designed to last, and when the ink runs low, you can easily refill them with Copic Ink, available in all 358 colors. This means that artists can keep using their markers for years, making them an excellent investment for any creative professional.

Refillable with Copic Ink

Create Your Custom Color

For those looking to get even more creative, the Copic Sketch Empty Marker allows users to create their custom color by mixing inks in an empty bottle and inserting the nozzle into the empty marker. 

The recommended amount of ink for a Sketch empty marker is about 3 ml. Once filled with ink, the customized marker is ready to use, and artists can achieve even more unique and personalized results.

Where to Buy Copic Sketch Markers

As a COPIC & TOUCH U.S. Authorized Retailer for the last 10+ years, MarkerPOP is here to answer any questions about these two amazing brands. So be sure to reach out to us for any concerns, questions, or feedback and we'll be sure to get it addressed for you.

Understanding the Color System

The color system on Copic markers can be tricky to understand initially, but getting the most out of it is essential. The letters on the markers represent hues, with R standing for "red," B for "blue," and E for earth colors

The first digit expresses the saturation of the color, with lower digits being more transparent and higher digits being duller or muddier. The final digits represent brightness, with 000 being the brightest and 9 being the darkest.

Where to Start with Copic Sketch Markers

If you're new to Copic Sketch markers, choosing which colors to start with can be overwhelming. We recommend starting with some lighter shades since Copic colors are versatile, and by applying the color in layers, the ink will intensify and become darker. 

Choosing around ten colors is best based on what you plan to draw. If you can't purchase individual Copic markers in your market, then Copic offers readily curated sets in many formats, making it easy to get started.


Copic Sketch markers are a popular and versatile tool that every artist, illustrator, or designer should consider adding to their toolkit. With their exceptional quality, wide range of colors, and ease of use, Copic Sketch markers are the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their creative work to the next level.