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Advantage & Uses of Copic Markers: A Comprehensive Guide

on April 13, 2023

Whether you are a beginner or a pro artist, designer, illustrator, or hobbyist, you would love to play with colors to create fabulous artwork. To take your artwork to the next level, the Copic Markers are the must-have color collection that brightens your artwork with vibrant colors.

These are alcohol-based versatile markers that are water-resistant and permanent. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the advantages and uses of Copic markers that help you to showcase your skills and enhance your creativity.


What are Copic markers?

Copic is an industry-leading markers brand founded by  Too manufacturer in Japan in 1987. It’s  well-known for its premium quality versatile markers available in an impressively wide range of 358 colors. Copic markers are refillable, with dual tips on both ends, and above all, with changeable tips.

No matter whether you are a color enthusiast, hobbyist, or artist, you can take significant advantages by using Copic markers. These high-quality alcohol-based markers are water-proof after drying, odor-free, non-toxic, and long-lasting if stored carefully. 

What are Copic Markers Used for?

Copic markers are used for multiple purposes. These can be used by artists, designers, and illustrators.  

Let’s have a look at its versatility:

  • You can use the Copic markers for sketching.
  • For comic books and scrapbooks.
  • Anime & Manga drawings are done with Copic markers perfectly.
  • To do elegant graphic designing, fashion designing, and interior designing.
  • For eye-catching media art, vibrant animation, and illustrations.
  • Creating natural landscapes artistically with soft colors and shadows. 
  • Perfect for hand-lettering and calligraphy.
  • For blending and stamping.

Advantages of Copic Markers

Although the market is flooded with tons of Marker brands, the Copic Markers brand stands alone from the crowd. Copic Markers are exceptionally prominent, with the crown of a “Gold standard of colors.” Do you know, What is So Special About Copic Markers?

These Unique and fabulous key features make Copy Markers so special compared to other brands. 

1- Refillable

Compared to other ordinary markers, Copic markers have the capability of refilling. If your markers run out of ink, you can refill them easily and use them for extended periods.

2- Replaceable Nibs

Copic markers are doubled nib markers that can be used for different purposes. These amazing nibs are replaceable. And as an added bonus, it’s a hassle-free process to replace the nib on your own.

You just need to have a high-quality Copic Multiliner Nib Changer and Copic Nib Tweezer. These specific Copic nib changers and tweezers are safe to pull out and fix in the nib without wear and tear.

3- Wider Color Range

One of the fabulous features is Copic wider color range. They manufacture colors that match all skin types and light and dark shades. That's why Copic markers are perfect for blending, shading, shadowing, and overlaying different color combinations in an artistic way.

With Copic markers, you can create true-to-life masterpieces and artwork. Its color palette contains 358 vibrant and smooth color markers.

4- High-Quality Ink

Copic markers provide exceptionally sustainable, water-resistant, and smudge-free colors, thanks to the high-quality Copic Ink. Cautiously, be careful while coloring, don’t touch the color filling until it’s dry.

Due to amazing ink quality, your artwork can remain the same and looks vibrant and natural for years. 

5- Long Lasting

Last but not least is the durability of Copic markers. Unless other marker brands, Copic markers are long-lasting if used with care. You can use them for years, for decades, or even a lifetime.

The airtight lids prevent the marker from being dried. Just fix the lids tightly. You can refill them and use them to get long-term advantages with a one-time investment.

Types of Copic Markers

Copic markers come in various types that can be used for multiple purposes and artworks. On the basis of their usage, these markers are divided into four different types:

i-  The classic, the start of COPIC - COPIC Original

Copic orginal is specifically designed to use color in the background and wide areas. It comes with a large nip and 36 vibrant colors, and an empty marker. You can use this empty marker to fill it with your desired ink shade.

ii- The most popular and love - COPIC Sketch

Copic Sketch markers come with different types of nibs, including chisel nib, brush nib, and medium broad nib. These markers with outstanding nib style are used for calligraphy, drawing fine lines, and coloring in broad areas. 


iii- The perfect marker for beginners - COPIC Ciao

Copic Ciao markers are a great choice not only for beginners but also for professionals. Thanks to its broad range of 180 color collections, that make a choice easier for you. With this incredible collection, you can make well-balanced color schemes to create attractive artwork. 


Why are Copic Markers so Expensive

We have been offering COPIC markers for the last 12+ years and we can say that 90% of our customers express a lot of love and how it brings their creativity & artwork to the next level. While we understand COPIC markers can be a big investment but the endless versatility that the brand offer is what set it apart from other.

Keep your COPIC marker body safe and you can simply refill it endless times and replace your nib till you can't do it anymore. It is a lifetime investment for a product that truly provides a subpar quality to your artwork. Don't forget, your COPIC Sketch marker can also be used with the COPIC Airbrush system adding even more value and an ever-versatile use to your everyday coloring.

Final Words

We have elaborated on the advantages, uses, and types of Copic markers briefly. If you go through this comprehensive guide, you will be able to consider them in the right direction. First of all, determine your requirements and then look at the endless benefits of using the Copic markers. 

 Now, the ball is in your court. Make a decision and choose the one that is more beneficial to you!