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ZIG Brushables Marker 6pc Pure
ZIG Brushables Marker 6pc Pure
ZIG Brushables Marker 6pc Pure
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ZIG Brushables Marker 6pc Pure

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ZIG Memory System Brushables Marker Set Of 6 - Pure

ZIG® Memory System® is the premier line of markers designed specifically for scrapbooking and precious paper crafting and has been continually named the best markers in the memory craft community. The ZIG Memory System Brushables Marker features two brush tips with a unique quality that is ideal for brush layering effects and for creating two-toned coloring effects when rubber stamping. One end being a popular color from the ZIG Memory range and the other being a 50% tint of that color. These pens are acid-free, water-based pigment, photo-safe, light fast, odorless and sylene free.

Memory System exciting, innovative range of pens, and markers are designed to give you all the options for preserving treasured memories and valuable archive material. They are easily blended with each other as well as other markers from the Memory System range.

Any dual tipped markers must be stored in a horizontal position. If they are not positioned correctly this will result in one of the tips becoming dry and un-useable.

• Set includes 6 markers

• Available in 2 sets. Each sold separately.
• Marker features dual tip: calligraphy tip and brush tip
• Imported and conforms to ASTM D4236 standard
• Acid Free, Archival Quality, Water proof, Pigment Ink, Photo-safe
• ZIG Memory System Brushables are perfect for coloring, calligraphing, stamping, and much more.



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