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Copic Various Refill E79 Cashew Markers
Copic Various Refill E79 Cashew Markers
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COPIC Various Refill E79 Cashew

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COPIC Various Ink Refill E79-V Cashew

When you see streaking in your work, it's time to refill your marker. One bottle of our Various ink will refill a Ciao marker 13 times, Sketch 8-10 times, COPIC 7-9 times, or Wide markers 5-6 times. Simply match the color number with your marker color number; each ink will refill any of our marker lines. The bottles are easy to use, either with the handy booster, or by dabbing the ink directly onto the nib. Use COPIC tweezers to remove the nib, making refilling even faster.

Various Ink Refills are available in all 358 colors (Includes over 46 Gray Tones), and are compatible with all marker styles. Empty ink bottles are available for mixing custom colors. Angled, dropper style tip for easy refilling of markers. Colored and numbered caps for easy marker matching and COPIC offer guaranteed color consistency. 25cc - Alcohol-based ink is permanent and non-toxic.

• 3 year Guaranteed Shelf-Life
• Non-toxic, Dries Acid Free
• Measures Marked on Bottle
Disclaimer: Picture is for reference only and is not to be used for final color matching. Shades may vary due to the color and resolution of your computer screen and on different surfaces. Color swatch are provided by manufacturer and at time the final color shades may vary.



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