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Copic Sketch Marker 24Pc Japan Exclusive Markers
Copic Sketch Marker 24Pc Japan Exclusive Markers
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COPIC Sketch Marker 24pc Japan Exclusive

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COPIC Sketch Marker Set 24 Basic - Japan Exclusive Release!

In the summer of 2017, COPIC has release a special edition to commemorate their 30th birthday available exclusively in Japan. iCOPIC is proud to intorduce COPIC Sketch Marker Set of 12 Basic A, B & C along with Set of 24 & 36. Exclusively for Japan Market now offer only at iCOPIC. COPIC's Sketch sets are the perfect way to begin building a marker collection. Carefully chosen colors take the guess work out of picking colors. Packaged in blending pairs of complimentary tones, choose from a wide array of sets. This is an introduction set for beginners to draw marker illustration. The color scheme of 12A and 12B set combined, each color harmony is well-balanced.

"In compliance with the COPIC manufacturer, Too Corporation, we may only ship the COPIC line to addresses in North America, the Caribbean islands and the Hawaiian Islands, not including Oahu."

iCOPIC Exclusive Release
• Includes 24 assorted colors
• Sets are available in sets of 12, 24, 36
• Limited quantity is available. Limit one per customer


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