Copic Opaque White Pigment Jar Net. 30c.c.

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Quick Overview

• Water based paint applied with a brush
• Used for adding highlights and accents into a completed picture.


Copic Opaque White is a water based white pigment used for highlight effects. It won&#39t bleed into the base color, so it gives sharp line definition and can be used on watercolor as well as other permanent ink surfaces (color pencils and paints). Works great for adding white spots and touch up, especially to eyes and other areas your marker might have bled. Also nice for adding snow to any colored drawing. Opaque White is used for corrections too.

Opaque White is a waterbased, thick white paint that is applied as a finishing touch to your artwork. As it is water based it can be thinned with water. You apply it with a small paintbrush. Opaque white can be thinned with water, for a thin glaze over marker work, or kept thick for good coverage over dark areas. This water based thick white paint is great for adding highlights, adding white where you need it, add glints of light onto shiny things, or thin it down to make clouds, smoke, etc. It is a great accent for making things look wet or to add water effects.

This jar will last you a long time!

"Marianne Walker,"

"In compliance with the Copic manufacturer, Too Corporation, we may only ship the Copic line to addresses in North America, the Caribbean islands and the Hawaiian Islands, not including Oahu."

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Manufacturer C.C. Designs
Accessory Pigment
UPC Code 4511338010051

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